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I though this bottle was (excuse my dorkiness) soooo darling, especially for the bargain Mart of the Wal’s price of $1.18.  (Though two days latter the report came out that plastic bottles were killing us, but the water we have at our house isn’t always safe for human consumption anyway…so what the hay.) But alas, all good things with cute cheap little stickers on them come to an end.  After about the fifth use, she done did spring a leak…I think that the cute H2O on the Go Jr. sticker was covering up a faulty seam job.  But!…But!…Turns out the sticker is removable!  So I am buying a higher quality ( but likely cancer causing) plastic bottle to carry my H2O on the Go Jr. sticker.  Or at least that is the plan, if I don’t get tired of the non-working bottle cluttering my desk and toss the whole thing…which, lets get real, is the more likely outcome.