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I admit I have been neglecting my little infant blog for Face Book.  I resisted Face Book for oh so long…alas, I have fallen victim to it’s promise of friends…

In other news, TallBoy and I went on a drive over the weekend and detoured to drive by Devil’s Tower because it’s a weird mountain/geographical anomaly that never gets old. 

Mitzy: Wow, it really is Phallic isn’t it? I wonder if it was every worshiped as a fertility mountain or anything…

TallBoy: What’s Phallic mean?

Mitzy: Seriously?

TallBoy: Sorry! I don’t know what that is Ms. Hoity Toity!

MItzy: It’s shaped like a Phallus… (I pointed at the corresponding part on his body…)

TallBoy: So…size apparently does matter…

Mitzy: I’m not sure where your going with this.


Taken with SmartPhone from moving car...Pretty good, huh?

Devil's Tower - Taken with SmartPhone from moving car...Pretty good, huh?



I’m sure this is old, but I just saw it for the first time today and I thought it was funny.  My “blonde” sister sent it to me.

Our Sidewalk

Our Sidewalk

4 feet of snow + wind + 15 foot drifts = snowed in for 3 days

snowed in for 3 days + tv channels out + Ran out of Guinness + constant cabin fever TallBoy = I would soo rather be at work



 I took crap for pictures (these were taken with my phone) because I basically lost my mind after the third straight day.  It is too bad, cause we actually had to hire a guy with a tractor to come break down the wall of snow the plow left in front of our driveway – and that would have been some cool pictures.  We had power though, and many many people did not. So I can’t complain…to much…Ok, I’ve pretty much been complaining for 5 days.

If you have a burning desire to read more about the infamous South Dakota Blizzard of ’08, you can start here:

Blizzard pummels South Dakota, stranding motorists


Join the Club!

Join the Club!

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TallBoy’s daily commute is between 120 and 200 miles every day.  Mine is 50 round-trip.  (Welcome to South Dakota y’all).  And today, we felt our belts loosen a little…drum-roll………………………….

I will, though, be giving my first child to the monastery to lead a life of service because that’s the deal I had with God.  Pity, I had already sold my soul so that Bon Jovi could make another album.  That turned out to be a mistake.

Scary, scary, scary.  I leave you with an Adam’s Family-esque portrait of myself.  No special effects! I really am just this creepy…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Loook Away!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Loook Away!