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I admit I have been neglecting my little infant blog for Face Book.  I resisted Face Book for oh so long…alas, I have fallen victim to it’s promise of friends…

In other news, TallBoy and I went on a drive over the weekend and detoured to drive by Devil’s Tower because it’s a weird mountain/geographical anomaly that never gets old. 

Mitzy: Wow, it really is Phallic isn’t it? I wonder if it was every worshiped as a fertility mountain or anything…

TallBoy: What’s Phallic mean?

Mitzy: Seriously?

TallBoy: Sorry! I don’t know what that is Ms. Hoity Toity!

MItzy: It’s shaped like a Phallus… (I pointed at the corresponding part on his body…)

TallBoy: So…size apparently does matter…

Mitzy: I’m not sure where your going with this.


Taken with SmartPhone from moving car...Pretty good, huh?

Devil's Tower - Taken with SmartPhone from moving car...Pretty good, huh?



I’m sure this is old, but I just saw it for the first time today and I thought it was funny.  My “blonde” sister sent it to me.

Our Sidewalk

Our Sidewalk

4 feet of snow + wind + 15 foot drifts = snowed in for 3 days

snowed in for 3 days + tv channels out + Ran out of Guinness + constant cabin fever TallBoy = I would soo rather be at work



 I took crap for pictures (these were taken with my phone) because I basically lost my mind after the third straight day.  It is too bad, cause we actually had to hire a guy with a tractor to come break down the wall of snow the plow left in front of our driveway – and that would have been some cool pictures.  We had power though, and many many people did not. So I can’t complain…to much…Ok, I’ve pretty much been complaining for 5 days.

If you have a burning desire to read more about the infamous South Dakota Blizzard of ’08, you can start here:

Blizzard pummels South Dakota, stranding motorists

Some stoplights in my town have been stealthy removed in the night and replaced with 4-faced stop signs.  Interesting. Probably much more energy-efficient… Safety-factor though, is…well, a factor.  I think I’m going to start standing in this intersection in the mornings with a nightstick (that I made today out of a plunger) and a whistle and direct traffic with my fabulous Pants off, Dance off moves…because that is what people want to see in the morning. 


Okay, this was taken with a camera phone during a drive-by. Look! people are not even stopping, and I was already attracting attention by hanging my head out the window with my "in case of danger" Dora helmet on.

Don't judge, this was taken with a camera phone during a drive-by.

Holy Buckets!
*No turning back now * Luckily, I brought a change of pants*

You don’t know me very well at this point, but I can assure you that jumping out of planes (note: by myself!) is completely out of character. 

I am usually the “old-fogy” that follows poor TallBoy around telling him to Slow Down! and Be Careful! and The Box Says You Should Wear Safety Goggles When Using This Power Tool!!! or, Shouldn’t We Be Carrying Bear Repellent Out Here?! I already plan to require our future children to wear helmets at all times…because, really, we should probably all be wearing helmets.

But, there is also a side to me that is stupid stubborn.  TallBoy has learned that if he tells me enough times (in a slightly mocking -it’s okay that you’re scared – I understand you’re a chicken crap and I still like you usually – when you’re not berating me for not using my turn signal properly – manner) that I am not brave enough to do something, I get pissy.  Usually just pissy enough to show him that I can, in fact, do impulsive (crazy) things.  I held out on the skydiving activity for years, but TallBoy, who is a somewhat experienced skydiver, was hell-bent on making it happen.  For four years, he recounted his thrilling, non-terrifying, completely safe, and all around Awesome! skydiving experiences…I initially agreed and we both began counting down the days, though probably for different reasons (I think I’m sick with the bird flew today hon, I can’t go.  Or it could be whirling trout disease – I’ve been spending a lot of time swimming at the fish-hatchery lately).  But, we had put down a non-refundable deposit, so that was that. 

And, I was assured that we would in fact be wearing helmets. And safety goggles. 

*Before the crash landing* Yeah, well, I'd like to see  you try it*

 There is a term at the drop zone used to describe the non-jumping spectators.  They are the “What For They Do That For” or the “WhoaFos.”  Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plan? (I mean, really, why would you.)  But this “WhoaFo” climbed out on the strut of a moving plane and (after some serious self-talk) let go.

The jury is still out on the entire experience and whether or not I will skydive again.  But, I think I now understand What For They Actually Do It For.  TallBoy has already made several more jumps over the last few weeks…and, I don’t think he is crazy for doing so (believe me, this is definitely an ‘a-ha’ realization). 

*Hot Stuff*

*Hot Stuff*

And, I learned something that I hope will stick with me.  There is a difference between being cautious and always expecting the worse case scenario.  I don’t need to be afraid of taking a risk every once and a while, to hope for the best.  Sometimes, I just need to shut-up…and JUMP!