TallBoy: We’ll have to invest in some better sleeping bags if we want to camp in the mountains while we’re there.

Me: You know what would be better than those -20 degree bags?

TallBoy: -40 degree bags.

Me: No, body heat! Sleeping bags made out of human fat.  That would be so cozy.

TallBoy: And smelly…and flammable and disgusting and I’m sure illegal on a lot of different levels…

Me: I should go online and get a patent right now! We could buy liquid human fat from plastic surgery places after they do liposuction on people and then inject into some sort of casing material.  It would totally work. I would be like the dude that invented Velcro!

TallBoy: mmm

Me: Remember on Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo cuts open the camel-kangarooish animal and puts Luke in it so he doesn’t freeze to death?

TallBoy: No.

Me: Sleeping in fat totally saved him.

TallBoy: Mmmm

Me: Dream killer.