My puppy Rhubarb apparently gets car sick.  Okay, not “apparently.”  She TOTALLY gets car sick.  But really only when she is riding in the car after a trip to the vet that involves shots, pills being forced down her throat (gotta love those poop worms) and a conversation about when she would come back to have an Ovariohysterectomy(She did say initially she would be okay with having her uterus removed, she hadn’t found need for it in the last four months anyway, but I think she is having second thoughts because she has been giving me lots of ‘But, what if you would like mini-Rhubarbs someday? looks lately…)  Oh but soooo many dog treats at the vet, dog treats that you don’t have to hide from the big dog at home who out-weighs you by 100 pounds.  

The car ride home from the vet’s office is approximately 45 minutes.  About 4 minutes in, Rhubarb began a strange whining from her crate in the back.  I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom (because we walked around the vet’s office for 15 minutes after the appointment without coping a single squat) and let her out of her cage and began looking for a place to pull over.  Rhubarb climbed out of her cage and made her way onto the passenger seat and looked at me with pitiful, someone stole my favorite ‘My Little Pony’ eyes and proceeded to throw up in one quick motion her 8, partially digested, dog-treats. 

For the remaining half hour of our drive home, (I had bravely decided to drive the puke home …)  Rhubarb dutifully re-consumed most of her up-chuck.  It wasn’t bad smelling puke, and it hadn’t been that digested so she figured ‘what the hay?! I have an empty stomach…’ So, by the time we got home, there wasn’t much left to clean. A little bit of foam cleanser, we’re as good as new. 

In the future, we will be taking a doggie bag to the vet and saving our treats for later.   Lesson learned.  I wonder what kind of treats she gets for the uterus removal…that has to be better than the plan ol’ getting felt up treats…